by Bob Langham

Glenn Beck is the modern day equivalent of Evel Knievel. They are both showmen offering the empty enticement of spectacle. Evel Knievel wore a cape and a star emblazoned jumpsuit and fed red meat to the lowest most primitive urges in the fans that flocked to his shows like vultures to a busy stretch of road. He performed record leaps over cars and busses, undeterred by fear, to the mindless delight of his fans.

Glenn Beck wears a suit, wraps himself in the stars and stripes, and feeds red meat to the lowest most primitive urges of his fans, who also flock to his shows like vultures to a busy stretch of road. He performs record leaps in logic, undeterred by facts, to the mindless delight of his fans.

But even Evel Knievel was honest about who he was – a showman, a daredevil, nothing more. He didn’t masquerade as a thinker, or prophet of and for the people. He knew and accepted the limits and the price of his chosen profession. He realized the crowds would cheer when he cleared the jump and landed safely on the other side. However, it must have kept him awake at night knowing that the crowds would cheer just as loud or even louder if he crashed and burned and didn’t walk away. Maybe, it is the burden of this truth combined with a generous dose of carnival theatrics that causes Glenn Beck to cry in public so uncontrollably and so often.



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The C-word is dangerous.  It will stop normally rational thinking people in their tracks and make them turn and flee for the edge of the nearest cliff with the rest of the lemmings. The connotations associated with the C-word have the power to make you abandon logic, reason, and truth and cower to those who will use the C-word or the suggestion of it to mock and silence a truth their own minds are too feeble to comprehend. It is a very strong word, and that is why people with an insatiable hunger to hold onto power use it as a club when the facts are not in their arsenal. Don’t be afraid of the C-word. Embrace it. Study it. Understand it. Use it in your search for the truth.  Begin your journey into the C by clicking on this link or on “The C-Word” tab at the top of this page.

Our parents and grandparents had a C-Word too. It was called communism. A different word used for the same purpose –  to control by fear and intimidation and suppress dissent. These days “conspiracy” is the fashionable C-Word; at least since the fall of 1963, when, to our knowledge, our electoral process was first subverted  with extreme prejudice in front of our very eyes. This word is still used strategically by the powerful and their sycophantic media assets. Throw that word into a seemingly intelligent conversation and watch logic and reason scatter away like cockroaches from the light.”

– Dale Avery LeShow

Bush drops the C-Bomb to preemptively silence the masses.

Like father, like son – Bush Sr. drops a C-Bomb of his own to remind everyone that  critical thought and questioning will not be tolerated by the powers that be, even for the grandaddy of all conspiracies.


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I find it refreshing when someone with a public platform that reaches many people tries to pull back the curtain to expose the lies we have all been told. If for no other reason, it serves the purpose of reassuring those of us who have questioned the lies from early on that we are not alone and we are not crazy for questioning what we have been told. It also exposes the lies to a wider audience. The more the mainstream media and the politicians in power try to ridicule and discredit these people who publicly speak out and question what they try to sell us (for example, Charlie Sheen, Rosie O’Donnell ) the closer to the truth we know we are. The pundits and the politicians never answer the questions being asked, or back up their arguments with fact. They go straight to name calling and character assassination. Because the truth and what it will reveal, and the responsibility they will have to take if the truth came out scares them…




– Half a million soldiers fly across the water.
One in ten are never comin’ back again.
Fifty thousand sons who never grew to fathers.
Don’t you ever wonder who they might have been?

What if you could’ve been there on that day in Dallas?
What if you could wrestle back the hands of time?
Maybe somethin’ could’ve been done in Memphis.
We wouldn’t be livin’ in a dream that’s died.

Go on and tell yourself again there are no secrets.
Go on and tell yourself that you don’t want to know.
It’s best that you believe that you don’t hear the footsteps
That follow you around wherever you go.

Maybe you were thinkin’ that it didn’t matter.
Maybe you believed nobody else would care.
But once you’ve added every little lie together
You finally find the truth was always waiting there.



     Steve Earle, Conspiracy Theory