by Bob Langham

We have some of our furniture from the family room in the garage while the tile guys are redoing the floors. Carter was out in the garage with the dog hanging out since there is not much to do while the tile guys are working and I hear him yelling “DAAAAD!” which isn’t unusual for him. It could be anything from he’s caught in a bear trap, to he wants a drink of water. So I go out to the garage in no real hurry and I hear him calling me but I can’t see him. He’d fallen off of the arm of the couch and into a pile of empty boxes and could not get out. He said he had been yelling Dad for a while. All total, the boxes probably weigh 32 ounces, compared to Carter’s substantial 1,120 ounces. The dog was resting comfortably on the couch near where Carter fell off, looking like I had some nerve disturbing his nap to rescue Carter from his cardboard catastrophe.  I just looked at the dog and said “Great work Lassie.”  Who needs cable when you have a 6 year old for entertainment?

– Bobman