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I can’t be the only one that feels like we are living this song as the underlying tension among the masses boils higher while hardworking people lose their homes, their jobs, and retirement savings, and greedy corporate executives get bigger bonuses and salaries in an effort to strategically divide us into two groups – the Have Alls and the Have Nothings.


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Inside my future I
What I see just makes me cry
I’m way down now
I’m way down now
The clocks will all run backwards
All the sheep will have two heads
And Thursday night and Friday
Will be on Tuesday night instead
And all the times will keep on changing
And the movement will increase
There’s something abut the living, babe
That sends me off my feet
There’s breeding in the sewers
And the rats are on their way
Their clouding up the images of my perfect day
And I know I’m not alone
And I know I’m not alone
And I know I’m not alone

World Party, Way Down Now