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 Word Problem:

The economy has been battered beyond recognition for many Americans.  Homes, jobs, and retirement savings have been lost at record levels.

Person A holds multiple jobs just to make ends meet and relates her story to President A at a town hall meeting.  Four years later, Person B has been forced to move into her car while awaiting public housing assistance and relates her story to President B at a town hall meeting.

Who will receive assistance quicker?

A. Person A
B. Person B
C. Both Person A and Person B will receive assistance in an equal amount of time.
D. Shut the hell up, I trying to watch the American Idol on the Tee Vee machine.

Answer: B.  Person B

What a difference four years can make in the level of compassion and decency exhibited by our leaders.  However, we still have a huge mess to clean up or we won’t make it here anymore.


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Opening Bookend 


by Bob Langham

There couldn’t have been a better demonstration of the American people’s rejection of the illegitimacy and the colossal failure of the Geore W. Bush presidency and the damage it inflicted than the two significant but sparsely covered events that bookend his eight year reign.

The opening bookend was in January of 2001 at his first inauguration whenThe People came in huge numbers, lined the motorcade route, and told the world in their loudest most angry  and certain voices, that they did not accept George W. Bush’s rule.

stolen_election_4    stolen_election_6    stolen_election_9

The People, who were not blinded by party alliance, knew voters had been illegally removed from the voter rolls in order to eliminate the voters most likely to vote against Bush. They also knew a heavily partisan Supreme Court appointed  Bush to the office of President against the will of the people. They knew that he had cheated to gain this office and they were determined not to stand by in silence.

The entire motorcade protest aired on C-Span as it happened live. C-Span, to its credit, covered the protest in its entirety without pundit commentary to cloud the interpretation of the symbolism of the event. Viewers were able to see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears, the motorcade route packed with angry citizens of all ages, races, and walks of life, waving signs and screaming to the world to express their rejection of this leader that had been forced upon them.

inaug_1    inaug_21     hail_theif1

it was a powerful mandate that The People knew what they did last November and they were not going to stand for it.  

There was a sliver of hope at that time that it would effect some type of change, or a reversal of the election. At the very least, there was the thought that any human with any ounce of decency or honor would have accepted this overwhelming rejection by The People and walked away in defeat, his head bowed in shame, realizing he had not achieved the highest office in the country from the will of the people. The world soon tragically discovered that honor and decency were not in the make up of George W. Bush’s character.

Unfortunately, this massive protest was seen by only a few because the networks and cable giants neglected to cover it. Everyone knows, if the news organizations don’t report something, then it never happened and history and reality disappear down the memory hole. However, a brief clip of this rejection of Bush by the The People did end up in Fahrenheit 911 (refer to the link at the beginning of this post) to be seen by a larger audience and to be saved for posterity.

Closing Bookend


 The closing bookend to George W. Bush’s presidency occurred on November 4, 2008, as The People surrounded the White House celebrating not just Barack Obama’s victory in the election, but the end to eight years of Bush’s disastrous reign over America and the world. The pundits tried to spin this symbolic event as just a victory celebration for Obama, where the celebration became the story as opposed to what was being celebrated. However, America and the world knew it was much more than that. The People were ecstatic that a person never invited into the White House (The People’s House), would now be evicted from that house.

If history does not betray the truth, as it so often does, these bookends will succinctly sum up the overall unpopular and unwelcome presidential legacy of George W. Bush.


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