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One of the great things about the time period I lived in Austin, Texas was the music you could hear on the radio and see live around the town.  This song actually got airplay regularly on the great, yet underrated radio station KGSR.  You will never hear anything close to this on the radio stations in bigger markets like Houston. For this reason, I rarely listen to commercial radio stations anymore.  I also was lucky enough to see this band perform this song as well as many other songs live at the Cactus Cafe in Austin one evening as Charlie’s six piece band crowded onto the tiny stage with their instruments (including drum set and stand up base) and played an incredible set for the enthusiastic crowd.  The intimate setting was about as close as you can get (which is really close) to having a band play for you and your friends in your own living room.

Sunday Clothes captures the strong hold religion and the church can have on you from an early age through adulthood and how they use fear and the empty promise of a better life passed on unchallenged by logic and reason from generation to generation.

– B

sunday_clothes4church preacher2

Grandma slicked my hair down
I cinched up my belt
I can still remember how that polyester felt

Townsfolk all a tremble
Yeah they knew what lay before
As the preacher takes the pulpit
And the usher shut the door

Came into this crazy world round 1968
Fathered by a crazy kid with nothing on his plate
Daddy got in trouble, yeah Daddy did some time
Visiting day at the penitentiary was where I learned to cry

Yeah we were singing those hymns over and over again
Sunday morning, Sunday evening, Wednesday nights
I never understood it all that well back then
But it probably saved my life

Charlie Sexton, Sunday Clothes