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Like a stray dog or cat that appears unexpectedly on your doorstep desiring care and attention, stray thoughts often meander into my mind. Some of these I will take in and share on this page, others I will leave at the animal control shelter of my mind where they will find a better home or be put to rest forever. 

This page should be updated as frequently as the stray thoughts come, so check back often for updates.

– B


Here’s the big difference between women and men- When a female teacher is caught having an affair with a male student, women ask “How could the teacher have abused her position and done such a horrible thing?”  The only question men have is “Was the teacher hot?”


Why don’t they make submarine ice cream sandwiches?  Can you imagine a foot long ice cream sandwich? That would be the best. I would take an entire day off of work to eat one of those.


What’s up with people who walk down moving escalators instead of just riding?  That’s like doing the freestyle down a water slide.  It’s just not necessary.


Vacation Bible School – Three words that just don’t belong together


I get the impression that the guy in the company break room that never covers his food in the microwave, is one of those guys that is adamantly against using condoms because it just  doesn’t feel natural.

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