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This page is devoted to a running list of people I try to keep out of my personal space.  It is updated often, because as a proud introvert, I am easily annoyed by people that invade my comfort zone, whether they do so intentionally or not.


  • Women who look like Antonio (Huggy Bear) Fargas  huggy_2
  • People who have a last name made up of two first names like Markwalter.
  • People who sneeze loud enough to set off car alarms
  • People who use dots instead of dashes when writing phone numbers – 800.666.5555 – When did three or four numbers together become a sentence?
  • People that use the phrase “at the end of the day” when trying to make a point or win an argument – “Well, Wolf we know their public stance on gay marriage, but at the end of the day, many Republican congressmen are closet homosexuals.”
  • People that brush their teeth vigorously in public restrooms to the point that it looks as if they are trying to remedy a gasoline siphoning incident
  • People that use out of date slang  “What’s up Home Skillet?” “Who’s your daddy?” “Nice bling.”
  • People who say they will “shoot me an e-mail.”
  • Adults who pronounce “striped” as “stripe-ed”  and “naked” as “neckid”
  • Doctors who use slang for body parts- “I am going to need you to get undressed Mrs. Peterson so I can take a look at that cooter.”
  • People who sing Happy Birthday like they are at an Broadway musical audition
  • Adults who wear Santa hats 
  • Co-workers who dial out or check their voicemail on speaker phone
  • People who call me Chief
  • People that give me unsolicited back rubs
  • People who make sound effects in a work environment for no apparent reason
  • People who feel the need to announce their bowel movements – “Gotta go make a deposit.” “I’ll be down the hall losing a few pounds.” “Gotta go send a package special delivery.”
  • Adults who stick their tongue out of their mouth for concentration when writing
  • Guys who are so hairy you cannot tell if they are wearing a shirt or not from a distance
  • People that use numbers in place of letters – For example, 4get about it, L8ter  
  • Anyone who wears a jacket or sweater indoors all year around
  • People who open their car door at a traffic light just to spit on the ground
  • People who sign their pets’ names on greeting cards
  • People who drive while holding their pets
  • Blue tooth phone users – do these people know how stupid they look?  Is anybody so busy they can’t spare one of their hands when a call comes in?
  • People who dress up as the characters in a movie for a movie premier
  • People who think they have immunity from a traffic citation or towing if they put on their hazard lights when parking in a no parking zone
  • People other than Jesus that want to talk to me about Jesus
  • People that audibly clip their nails in public, especially at work
  • People who when mentioning an amount in billions feel obligated to say “That’s billion with a “b.”
  • Women with a belly/gut that wear clothing that exposes their midriff intentionally or not- do these people own a mirror?
  • People who think I should be as fascinated with what they have to say as they are saying it.
  • People who wear theme sweaters that coincide with the season ( pumpkin design on Halloween, Christmas trees/snowmen for Christmas, cartoon rodent for Ground Hog Day)
  • Adults who think it is cool to play air guitar when they hear a song they really like
  • Guys who think hanging a Playboy bunny logo air freshener from their car rear view mirror will make them a hit with the ladies – so just out of curiosity, what scent do they use for that?
  • People who put Christmas wreaths on their car grills for the holiday season
  • People that put a “Mr.” before my first name when ever they say it (For example, “Mr. Bob, can I talk to you about something.”
  • People who feel like they have to comment on what I am eating at work in the loudest possible voice, so me and my lunch become the center of attention. (For example, “Mr. Bob, SOMETHING SMELLS GOOD! WHAT ARE YOU HAVING? IS THAT MAC AND CHEESE?)
  • One Response to “People I Try to Avoid”

    1. June Knight Says:

      It’s my first visit. I was open for anything and I’m not surprised at Bobby’s wit. Just hope I can match him in the future. I think I can…I think I can…I think I can… I think I can…
      Love to everyone, June

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