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 Word Problem:

The economy has been battered beyond recognition for many Americans.  Homes, jobs, and retirement savings have been lost at record levels.

Person A holds multiple jobs just to make ends meet and relates her story to President A at a town hall meeting.  Four years later, Person B has been forced to move into her car while awaiting public housing assistance and relates her story to President B at a town hall meeting.

Who will receive assistance quicker?

A. Person A
B. Person B
C. Both Person A and Person B will receive assistance in an equal amount of time.
D. Shut the hell up, I trying to watch the American Idol on the Tee Vee machine.

Answer: B.  Person B

What a difference four years can make in the level of compassion and decency exhibited by our leaders.  However, we still have a huge mess to clean up or we won’t make it here anymore.


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