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This song sneaks up on you. If you are not careful, you might think it is an upbeat happy little ditty, until you listen to the words and realize it is a comment on how many of us today are living beyond our means trying to live a dream we have been swindled into believing is attainable; that if we just buy what corporate America is peddling, we will be cool, and liked by everyone, and happy and complete. However, we don’t realize that we are chasing a mirage until it is too late. We find ourselves smothered by debt and surrounded by all of the materialistic purchases we thought would bring us happiness, but they have become empty and meaningless and have added nothing of substance to our lives. 




-But everybody grows up weaned on some sick late century dream
Or the happy face on a shirt smiling “shop till you drop,” yeah

Everybody lives in a knot
Everybody lives in a knot
Everybody’s trying to make space around what they think they’ve got

Everybody’s trying to hold on to a dream even as they watch it rot…  

Superchunk,  Late-Century Dream