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Many of us have been awake for along time, trying unsuccessfully to nudge the slumbering, and many more are waking up. But I worry it will be too late because the politicians, pundits, and corporations have the power and the wealth to lull a majority of the people back to sleep with overblown and concocted fear alerts, and non-news stories of missing white girls and celebrity divorce and malfeasance or to at least encourage the masses to hit the metaphorical snooze button and wish reality away. But this song gives me a bit of hope anyway and isn’t that what music is all about – punctuating or life with hope and allowing us to rock in the process? 



  I believe
That we are waking up,
From a spell
That those that profit from the fear,
Cast so well.
And good people of the earth,
Now can tell,
There is no “us and them”!
If not now, when?
If not today, then
What happens tomorrow?

   Melissa EtheridgeWhat Happens Tomorrow?