December 2007

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This song offers some of the most palpable imagery in music which takes me back to a time before twenty four hour cable TV stations and electronic sensory overload from all directions and sources. A time when you could sit outside at night and be content that all was good in the world when the sights, sounds, and smells on a summer evening were more engaging and satisfying than anything the TV could deliver.




-Mama used to roll her hair
Back before the central air
We’d sit outside and watch the stars at night
She’s tell me to make a wish
I’d wish we both could fly
I don’t think she’s seen the sky
Since we got the satellite dish
I can hear the marching band
Doing the best they can to play
Smoke on the Water
And Joy to the World

-James McMurtry,  Levelland

I will be sharing song lyrics from time to time that just strike a chord, tap into my inner thoughts, and touch me in some way. I hope by doing this I can demonstrate the power of music and lyrics, spark curiosity in anyone who reads them and encourage others to listen more carefully to these modern day prophets…


Author’s note: Click on the song title and singers’ names at the end of this post to listen to this song in its entirety and to visit a Web site dedicated to the band.


-And the sign flashed out its warning,
In the words that it was forming.
And the sign said, “The words of the prophets
are written on the subway walls
And tenement halls…

Simon and Garfunkel, “Sounds of Silence

To all of the ladies that have guys wrapped around their fingers…



-Carmen must have been the Devil’s daughter
At least he taught her how to wear her clothes
And the boys followed her to the slaughter
Where they fell like a row of dominoes….

Joe Ely, Row of Dominoes (as covered by Mike Stack and the Grift)

I really like the metaphor of the aged withered woman trying to conceal the effects of time through guady dress and jewelry used to portray the protagonist’s cyncial view of the world in this song. I am sure many of us have seen the world in a similar fashion when we have felt betrayed by life and the people with whom we interact.


-And I’d like to rise above it
But I fear I’ve fallen prey
To the forces that I railed against
In my angry young man days
At least that’s how it feels tonight
When the world has lost her charms
In her gaudy dress and her bracelets of gold
Dangling from her withered arms…

The Stone CoyotesMy Horse Has Wings